E-Book Cover Design £395*

You’ve heard it before, that tired cliché about what we’re not supposed to judge a book by. Okay, whether you believe it or not, there are plenty of readers out there that do, and the importance of using a good one now has never been higher. Look online and it seems there are more books to choose from than stars in the sky. An attractive e-book cover is a reader’s first clue in identifying a title they may want to read. It really is a writer’s best way of making a good first impression. Don’t sell yourself short by using a template or some other shortcut.

Our book cover design service is not an online click-and-buy solution. Your book deserves more than that, which is why we prefer face to face meetings when possible. However, we’re happy to work by phone or email if that is your preference. This service includes the six items below:

2 Draft Designs Icon

At least 2 draft designs based on your brief for the front cover

Library Images Icon

Royalty free library images if required**

Face to Face Icon

Face-to-face meeting
(North West only)

Unlimited Changes Icon

Unlimited changes
(within reason)

Ebook Ready Icon

E-Book image ready for upload

Image Retouching Icon

Modest image retouching

3D-Render Icon

3D Render for Marketing purposes